Front-Turbo_Einsatz in Frankreich
TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
Kombination Streuer "Professional" und "Turbo Jet Super 8"_Österreich

TP "WINTER-PROFI"- For the distribution
of salt, sant and split!

The sower is used for sowing sand, saltand small shredded stones on
to snowed roads or parking places.

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Tank is made of rigid plastic material. You may order tanks of the following
volumes: 60, 90, 105,130 or 300 liters. Dosing unit is made of high quality
stainless steel.

The sower is controlled with control panel from the tractor's cabin.


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Enjoy highest yield and

Alpen ÖKO AIR 2020

Spreaders for
comprehensive seeding
of cover crops!
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Pneumatic seeder
Turbo Jet Super 

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