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Politicians' frequent sayings concerning impriving and increasing agricultural results
often mutilate the image of national farmers and large agricultural sectors, which requires
a number of clever ideas nowadays.
A modern comsumer wishes ecologically pure products, grown without chemicals and
mineral fertilizers. TECHNIK PLUS f all seasons22lThis situation may be solved by pneumatic seeding-machine Turbo Jet Super 8
with electric drive. This machine used for seeding cover rops, is applied in small
large agricultural sectors.
For more than 18 years this Model has been used for seeding rape from far valleys
of Australia to golden rape fields of Siberia. Each farmer has his own idea for this
machine application.
Australia has the highest and of best quality milk priduction standard,
simultaneously, this country is the milk exporter of powder milk to the countries of
Asia. The best effect in achieving high productivity of farmland is provided by
simple combinations with pneumatic seeder Turbo Jet Super 8.

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Enjoy highest yield and

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Spreaders for
comprehensive seeding
of cover crops!
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