TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
Front-Turbo_Einsatz in Frankreich
Kombination Streuer "Professional" und "Turbo Jet Super 8"_Österreich

The future concept for sustainable and profitable
Working width 3-6,3m

Technik-Plus offers now implements for basic soil cultivation and seedbed preparation.
Tiefenlockerer Abgasschlauch

9 x Tines (20 mm material thicknes ST 52), Row distance 70cm, working width 6,30m.
Extra heavy frame for use with tractors up to 250 HP.

Exchangeable lift shares (double side use) double working time. Exhaust gas tubes welded on
rear of tines 3 point at rear of tines 3 point with bolts (2x32mm, 1x25mm) to attach on tractor.

Top link point at rear for combination with seeder. 9 x combirdge Roller elements with brackets
to adjust working depth. Brackets are designed to adjust also distance between tines and Rollers.
Welding plates for easy fitting of 9 x gutter disc.

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Enjoy highest yield and

ÖKO AIR 60 90 105 130 300lit

Spreaders for
comprehensive seeding
of cover crops!
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Pneumatic seeder
Turbo Jet Super 


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