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TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
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   Pneumatic seeder TP "TURBO JET SUPER"
              for professional agriculture!

The most effective cover crop before a main crop can reduce weed and bring
into the soil hight amount of fertilizer and organic material for bio organisms.
A catch crop in autumn (after slurry of manure) can hold most until next spring
crop is growing.

Turbo Jet Super 6 Hydraulik 1200lit
An excellent cover crop of oilradish - before sugar beet is killing nematodes and offers
best soil conditions for sugar beet. Hight harvest is experienced with this method even
when use of mineral fertilizer is reduced and cultivation in minimized. USE your land as
a solar collector as nature produces best quality most economical most reliable.

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Enjoy highest yield and

Alpen ÖKO AIR 2020

Spreaders for
comprehensive seeding
of cover crops!
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Pneumatic seeder
Turbo Jet Super 

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