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TECHNIK-PLUS offers you a brilliant solution for
              winter roads problems!

De-icing salt or finely granulated split – TP WINTER-PROFI by Technik-Plus is a reliable machine for each operation!
The sower is used for sowing sand, salt and small shredded stones on to snowed roads or parking places.
Tank is made of rigid plastic material. You may order tanks of the following volumes:
60, 90, 105, 130 or 300 liters.
Dosing unit is made of high quality stainless steel. The sower is controlled with control
panel from the tractor’s cabin. Also the price is surprising.

Order today TP WINTER-PROFI – for more safety on wintry streets.
Winter Profi 300Lit 16 Homepage


places the mineral
fertilizer into the soil and
creates maximum effect.
Even resistant weed
disappears by using the
HC of the tractor
exhaust gas.

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