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            Rape seeding at maxim ised cost
                    saving to highest yield!!

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The Technik-Plus "Schnecken-Security" (Slug security) can distribute a small quantity
slug pellets direct with rape I cereal seeding (frum 1 kg/ha at 3 m working width).

This practise savers later treatments and crop can fully develop.

By using the HC-tractor exhaust gas with seeding can be activated minerals
and microelements blocked by chemical residue HC-tractor exhaust gas with
HC-Hydrocarbon is the most beutiful contribution to KIK out even resistant weed.
That again saves a lot of work and cost. The gaurantee for highest profit. 

places the mineral
fertilizer into the soil and
creates maximum effect.
Even resistant weed
disappears by using the
HC of the tractor
exhaust gas.

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