B-Power Combination
Disco-Fix Arbeitsbreite 3m.
Front-Turbo_Einsatz in Frankreich
Einsatz in die Ukraine
TECHNIK-PLUS  for all seasons!

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TP DISCO-FIX working width
disigned as a
"Turbo Jet Super"
for HC+CO2, slurry

distributor for 23 outlets, fine
milled mineral hopper 500 lit,
23 double disc pairs fitted
on spring blades.
Abgas Diskofix

Working width 1 - 6m
Small amount of fertilizer placed with seeding can be arranged at one path
Even on mulch seeding of cereals in autumn, a small amount of fertilizer helps
for optimal germination.
TECHNIK PLUS ALLE Jahreszeiten2018 OKT
Just fit the TECHNIK-PLUS "Öko-Air" on a suitable position. Bring the material
to the main seed roll and fertilizer is blown out and distributed accurate together
with seed. Rates from 2-50 kg/ha can be easy controlled by the
"Seeder+" control unit in the tractor cabin.
Hopper sizes from 60, 90, 105 or 130 liters to use proper size for the required job.

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